Best Document Management Software For Education 

Each of the Schools, Colleges, Universities, public or private, have large volumes of documents and educational files that must be carefully managed. docManager®  helps education administrators to take control of paper and electronic documents to improve productivity, lower cost, and speed operations with education document management.

With prompt searching capabilities of admissions and required documents, decisions can be made quickly. Electronic access to important files in accounting and HR reduces the need for storage and improves the speed of operational processes. Remote access to records/documents, even from authorized people off-campus, gives educational leaders on-demand access to records without delays or costs associated with shipping.

Using docManager®, educational institutes have a paperless way to manage all documents and operational files. Information is securely stored and shared among all components of the educational institution .

How docManager® can help?

document management software for education is useful in almost all industries. Some of the instant benefits of this system are digitizing paper documents such as administration process forms, simplifying workflow and improving teamwork with other branches and institutions.

Scanning and converting paper documents is a greener approach that offers the added benefits of automating the flow of information and making it more readily-accessible when needed?

For example, paperless education document management can be used for:

  • Admissions applications
  • Registration documents
  • Residency documents
  • Conduct Statements
  • Enrolment certifications
  • Financial Aid applications and disbursements
  • Fee Adjustment Requests
  • Transcripts and report cards
  • Exam Papers
  • Answer Sheets
  • Invigilation records
  • Now a days to keep and maintain such records are necessary in proper format for Education Organisations to comply the requirements under the RTI Act.
  • docManager®, our simple-to-use document management software, can help do all these plus more.

    As an education institute preserving records and documents of alumni, past academic staff, historical academic documents and past papers are becoming difficult. Being most important documents same cannot be destroyed. While not in regular usage same are archived at some physical storage from which it’s becoming difficult to search and sort such particular record as and when required. docManager® document management software can manage the above task easily at your fingertips.