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17 Nov

Management of Health Care Documents Using docManager®

Management of Health Care Documents Using docManager®

Speaking about health issues the last thing patients and medical staff want is to have to worry about the privacy violation. In many countries, local legislation ensures this privacy is protected by enforcing medical facilities to comply with strict regulations.

Since up to day many documents are made of paper, the privacy control can be very hard for medical practitioners due to the enormous amount of paperwork they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Luckily, digital document management system software docManager® make the job easy for both patients and medical staff. Medical facilities can comply with privacy regulations and deal with numerous documents all at once, while the patients could quickly access to their reserved documentation.

How does DOCMANAGER® system work for Medical?

docManager® system simplifies organizing and privacy. docManager® offers optimized search and retrieval tools, response time is quicker, documents are never misplaced, and patients are always happy.

In addition, it is possible to eliminate a lot of paper reducing the storage space and definitively cut-off the costs of toner. Hospitals, clinics and health care companies can scan all paper documents digitally and organize them in a secure and structured folder environment.

Some of the feature highlights of docManager®: 

  • STORAGE LOCATION: Your documents will be stored centrally in a systematic way, so that it can be retrieved whenever required.
  • LOCKING / UNLOCKING: This allow to lock the important documents to restrict the access for other user after their use but can still be viewed by the owner.
  • ANNOTATION: Tagging the Document, Commenting the Document, Email Notification, Stamps & Signature
  • SEARCH: Find documents and files in seconds.
  • SHARE: Allow more than one user to view the documents at same time
  • VERSION CONTROL: Version control gives you the ability to manage document change and revision. Done for particular documents.
  • CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT: This helps in Version Controlling the documents during simultaneous update.
  • MULTI LANGUAGE: Language is no further barrier for your organization to stepping ahead towards digital world. docManager® supports multi language user interface for the users.
  • AUDIT TRIAL: Keep track on Document view and update History for Critical Documents.
  • ARCHIVING: Old but Important documents can automatically archive for future reference.
  • DOCUMENT CAPTURE & MANAGEMENT: Centralize Paper as well as Digital Files (Electronic Media) documents and access them with one familiar interface from all work stations in your office
  • DOCUMENT SECURITY: Extremely flexible user and group based security along with many system level rights. User and Folder based 'Ownership Overrides' allow administrators to retain ownership of documents for specified users or folders. Separate export rights prevent unauthorized export of information out of system.
  • Use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) to secure Documents.
  • ACTIVE DIRECTORY INTEGRATION: Integration with Microsoft Active Directory allows users to login to Docs-vault using their Windows login name and password eliminating the need for remembering separate passwords.
  • BUILT-IN REPORTS: Powerful built-in reports are available for Administrator to get insight and useful data related to documents, users and other important business processes.
  • WORKFLOW: Replicate your document centric business processes to make them more streamlined, more accurate and less time consuming. Automate repeatable processes like account payable, leave applications, order processing, purchase authorizations, etc.
  • WORKFLOW HIERARCHY MANAGEMENT: Manage documents viewing and editing rights, according to the hierarchy followed in your organization. Add / Remove members in the departments for managing workflow in the organization.
  • DOCUMENT RELATIONS: Users can set many-to-many relations between documents. Document Relations allow grouping and easy access of documents filed in different locations throughout the Repository.
  • RECORDS RETENTION MODULE: Create retention policies for different types of documents and dispose them in accordance with local laws and industry standards. Manage the entire life cycle of physical records and digital documents - from its safe storage, classification, circulation to its final authorized disposition.
  • PERSONAL USER WORK-SPACES: Quickly access you're recently accessed, checked out, imported and created documents as well as your favourite files and folders.
  • DOCUMENT PREVIEWS: Preview contents of all common file formats (Word, Excel, Emails, Tiff, PDF, images, Audio, Video) without their native applications.

If you are interested in the docManager Digital Document Management system then try requesting a quote, booking a demonstration or even calculate your savings before you spend a dime.