Cloud Edition

Cloud Edition



Document Management is now more easier, pockecy friendly and handy with docManager® cloud Edition. Now you don’t need to own Heavy Server and Storage spaces, no need to worry about their security, privacy and maintainance, transfer your such pain on us by subscribing to docManager®  Cloud edition and we will take care of your such responsibilities.

With docManager®   Cloud edition, you can manage your documents electronically worry free, securely, anytime from anywhere without investing on any other compute hardware and can manage just with web browser of your existing PC.


Why to pay for whole Pizza when you just need a Slice of it. Similarly now just pay for the users and storage you need without comproising on Features.

docManager®   Cloud Edition is now available in three Variants i.e.

  • docManager®  Cloud Silver
  • docManager®   Cloud Gold
  • docManager®   Cloud Platinum