Support Policy

Support Policy

CR2 Technologies Ltd. offers an annual technical support and product upgrade contract. Which entitles the customer to an array of support and upgrade services to ensure maximum value from their document management software. This section describes the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Support Service Methodology

Customers are supported using remote support services such as the telephone, e-mail and, with customer approval, by logging on to the customers system using remote access software. 
The support process starts when a software user requests for Support to Centralized Support Desk as per User Call Logging Framework. Customer can Log their request to Centralized Support Desk. Centralized Support Desk is monitored by docManager® technical staff 16 hours a day on every working day. Technical support is generally provided during regular business hours, between 10:30am IST and ending at 7:30pm IST.

User Call logging framework

Users will be given a centralized support desk telephone number/ a chat ID/an email ID on which users can log their support calls and expect a resolution. This service shall have the following deliverables Following are the levels of issue severity:

  1. Severity Level –1 (Critical): Calls that have severe impact on business affecting large number of users, complete system is down.
  2. Severity Level –2 (Major): A small group of users can no longer system or a large group of users / all users are not able to use non-critical System Functionalities.
  3. Severity Level –3 (Minor): The end user system is unusable affecting individual users and there is no impact on business as usual 

Support Response and Resolution Time


Measure of Success

SLA Objective

System Uptime

System being available to users all the time on whenever, where-ever basis

99% Uptime

Response time

Severity -1 Call Response Time

4 Hours

Severity -2 Call Response Time

8 Hours

Severity -3 Call Response Time

12 Hours

Resolution Time

Severity -1 Calls Resolution Time

8 Hours

Severity -2 Calls Resolution Time

12 Hours

Severity -3 Calls Resolution Time

24-48 Hours

In the response it will be determined if the problem is related to docManager® or a 3rd party application and a Severity level will be established.
Also for some issues, technical team may commit resolution time than the Standard Resolution time depending on the complexity of the issue.
If the source of the problem is outside the control of CR2, the customer will be advised accordingly and best efforts will be made to notify the party / parties responsible and co-operate with them to resolve such problem.

Escalation Policy

Customers can escalate the issue, if the same is not been updated by Centralised Support Desk as per the standard time frame mentioned above. Customers can escalate the issue directly to CR2 Support Management team by sending the mail to or only after expiry of Standard response time. 

Customer Co-ordination and Feedback

docManager® support service is designed and dedicated to provide best customer service but to make it best Customer Experience, user must follow standard IT Practices for security and safety of the data. Following are few Standard IT Practices suggested to enable CR2 to provide best customer support experience. 

  • Report all issues in detail to Support desk immediately.
  • Provide adequate data to support team whenever required to assist the user and resolve the issue.
  • Periodical back up of all data on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis including the SQL Database, Storage database and other critical system files.
  • Keep Server hardware updated and maintained with technical support periodically.
  • Ensure timely update on Microsoft and other support software packages whenever available to maintain best operating conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Term: The docManager® Service Level Agreement is valid for the period of 12 months from the date of Installation of docManager® Server or expiry of latest Service Level agreement. Fi However such duration can be extended (for renewal contracts only) with the mutual understanding of CR2 and Customer. Contract duration will be stated clearly on the agreement itself.

Server and Operating Systems Upgrades: SLA does not cover the re-installation of docManager® as a result of customer server or operating system upgrades or critical failure. Such additional services will be on chargeable basis subject to involvement of domain expert/Professional. If such upgrades or re-installation are done during the docManager® upgrade, such charges may be discounted case to case basis.

Disclaimer on docManager® Support Service: Notwithstanding contained in this agreement, in the event either Party shall be liable to the other for any matter arising out of or related to this Agreement, the amount of damages recoverable against the other shall not include, nor will the other Party be liable for, any indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any Party, including third parties. In no event shall either Party’s liability exceed the amount of commercials actually paid pursuant to this Agreement

If you have any questions or concerns about docManager® Support Service narrate your concerns and comments at Our Solutions team will connect with you and respond.