Platinum Edition Features

Platinum Edition Features


Access Control

Define access control using User rights management. It is a smart and easy way to manage the system permission.



docManager® DMS allows users to add, edit and delete announcements using the Announcements module. This information is instantly shared with team members and can also be defined to have an expiry date.


Detailed Audit Logs

Using docManager® Audit feature At any time, system administrators can review comprehensive system audit reports containing precise and detailed information about all domain activity and resource usage.



Discussion Board

You can set up discussion boards on your docManager® DMS to share information and discuss topics with other people.


Document Access History

At any time, system administrators can review access history of the documents containing precise and detailed information about all documents activity and usage, like when it was used, modify last etc.


Document Annotations


  • Tagging the Document
  • Commenting the Document




Document Indexing

you can Quickly index or tag the documents with metadata for faster and efficient retrieval.


Document Ratings

By using this feature user will have an option to rate a document, so that all the people interested in a specific topic will be able to note what documents are preferred by the user''s community.


Document Search

Find documents and files in seconds.



Document Sharing

Allow more than one user to view the documents at same time


Flexible Storage

The documents can be stored centrally in a systematic way, so that it can be retrieved whenever required, as well as docManager® DMS Provides the features of flexible storage where you can increase the storage in future as per the requirenment.


Document Viewer

Use the in-built docManager® Document Viewer to view your industry-standard file (document) formats directly in the web browser.




Using this feature of docManager® you will get the notification for events like whenever someone send you the document you will get notify.


Document Trash Bin

This Feature of docManager® will allow to restore the documents deleted by any user.


Document Archive

This Feature of docManager® will allow to restore the expired documents.



Version Control

Version control gives you the ability to manage document change and revision done for particular documents, This feature ensures that you always have access to the latest and most updated version of a document.


Document Folio

Document Set allows users to group related documents from various Document Classes that can be managed as a single entity.


Engineering Document Preview

By using this docManager® feature you can view Engineering Documents like Autocad documents etc.



Full Text Indexing

By using this feature of docManager® Find what you need using Full-text and meta-data Based search.


Lock Shared Document

By using this feature you can apply lock to shared documents, after that shared user no longer able to access that documents.


Internal Messaging

Collaborate on documents by sending instant internal messages to other users of the system by using docManager® Internal Messaging feature.



Upload Multiple Documents

Upload documents in bulk by just dragging and dropping document to a drop spot.


Active Directory Integration

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory allows users to login to docManager® using their Windows login name and password eliminating the need for remembering separate passwords.



Use an events list to post information about dates that are important for your team.



External Storage

docManager® can be configured to store data on external network storage. This will increase security.


Multi Factor Authentication

docManager® Multifactor authentication (MFA) feature is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user''s identity for a login or other transaction.


Multilingual Support

The user interface of the docManager® can be converted to a different language.




Use to assign a task to a staff of your organization, specify its priority, due date, status and progress.


Workflow Engine to Automate Business Process

docManager® Workflow automates document-centric processes, improving efficiency and repeatability of operations.