Frequently Asked Questions - Document Management

docManager® is a Complete Document Management System (DMS) used to store or archive, track or retrieve & manage the pile of documents. It comprises of keeping version control of documents & track history about the document modifications and much more…

docManager®  is complete web-based solution. An organization can manage and share documents electronically in a distributed environment.

docManager®  allows users to create, manage, share and distribute any form of electronic document using any desktop software or tool. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms, audio, video, artwork, photographs, engineering documents, drawings, and virtually any other file format can be stored and managed in docManager®  Best of all, it's very easy to use and you can access your documents from anywhere at any time over the Internet.

docManager®  Enterprise edition do not impose any limit to the number of Documents, Classes and Files that you may create and store without any limitations from the system depending on availability of your storage capacity. docManager®  allows you to store and manage millions of files on your finger tips with no extra load on your system. For example, docManager®  designed to provide you faster search with refined criteria from such limitless data and documents at the minimum time.

Cloud Version of docManager™ is litterally plug and play, you can start using the same from the next day you subscribe. Our team needs maximum 1 working day to get it ready for you with Stardand features.

Enterprise Version of docManager™ with Stardard features can take upto 3 working days from our team once you provide the required server configuration. Hence on one side we complete the paper formalities and on the other side your docManager™ is ready for your use.

However, for change features and cutomisation based on your need depends on your requirements.

It's very easy to store documents in docManager® . Just select the document from the source, enter documents details which allows users to search them easily, select the Path and Category. You are done. 

You can also store document with just Simple Drag & Drop the document.

docManager®  is a mature product that has been developed and refined through more than 10 years. During this period, it has been implemented worldwide in a number of organizations across different industries. docManager®  meets the high standards of robustness, cost efficiency, scalability, security and ease of use

Yes. Audit logs are account of the operations that are performed on the document classes and on individual documents by various users. It helps to establish accountability and estimate the effort of users. The actions for which an audit trail can be viewed are classified as user actions, document class actions and document actions. The details for the specified criteria are displayed for the specified period.

docManager®  is highly secure system in which each user is assigned unique user ID and password. Users are assigned rights and privileges on document classes. Roles enable the user to perform administrative functions, whereas access rights are the permissions to access modify and delete documents. Also documents are AES encrypted and stored so even if users have access to hard-drive they cannot open the document.

Yes, with docManager®  unique LOCK Document feature, you being owner of document can control the visibility of the document. Once your purpose for sharing the document gets over, you can Lock the document from sharing, even from the users to whom you shared such documents.

docManager® is a definite proprietary brand and is registered under the Trade Mark Act, it can be easily purchased by going to the GEM Portal on the option of the PAC (Proprietary Article Certification Filter).

For more details, please visit:


There are two ways to find docManager® on Gem portal:
1. Direct Purchase
2. Comparative Purchase

Following is the procedure to purchase docManager®:

1. Log in as a buyer on Gem portal.
2. For purchase, please visit:
3. Select the product docManager®.
4. Add to cart and Go to direct Purchase option.
5. Demand generation page will be displayed on screen. 
6. Fill the required details and upload Financial Approval.
7. After filling the information, press OK and submit.
8. Demand would be generated and notification would be send to the buyer.
9. Go to main page and click on “manage product” menu and click on demand/order list.
10.  Buyer will see different demand generated and click on process button.
11. By clicking on process button, buyer will find the sanction order page. 
12. Click on Generate Sanction Order.
13. Fill OTP on required box and e-sign it. 
14. Buyer may see e-signed sanction order. 
15. Thereafter, click on approve and generate contract.
16. After generating the contract, the seller/supplier will dispatch the product along with the issue of online invoice on Gem portal. 
17.  An invoice will be online available to the buyer and DDO/PAO regarding invoice cum bill. 
18. Then Gem portal will send a SMS/ email alert to the Buyer, on submission of Invoice.
19. After intimation of invoice, consignee needs to login. 
20. The Buyer/consignee receives the Goods/Services and issues an online Provisional Receipt Certificate (PRC), within 48 hours

The powerful revision control feature allows for an unlimited number of versions of a document to be stored automatically. This feature allows users to revert back to earlier versions of documents with just a few clicks, compare different versions. The Revision History tool displays every revised record with dates, times and authors.

docManager® does not have any limit to the number of Documents classes and files that you may create and store. In order to efficiently manage millions of files, the system even supports paging and search functionality.

No. Our system is extremely user-friendly and easy to master.  Any person who can operate and use internet / web can use our system efficiently. User will not face any trouble.

It is totally dependent upon the scope of your requirements. Based on our experience of implementing the product, it may take few days to a few weeks.

Your data is in safe hands. We have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that your information stays secure and private.

Your data would be stored centrally in a centralized storage.

We provide 6 months of warranty with free updates for 6 months.
We offer email and phone support for all our clients. Requests are answered immediately.

Yes. You can upgrade your account at any time simply by contacting us.